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Post-Traumatic Growth with the EMOTIONAL COAT® Model
3 Day Certification


The National Equine Institute of Growth through Healing, Inc. (NEIGH), dedicated to providing mental health equine-assisted therapy and learning, is pleased to announce a 3-day certification training program with Dawn Samuelson. Details, dates, upcoming trainings and registration can all be found below. 

Gain knowledge in trauma informed care and communication strategies for work with the target group of military veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS personnel and their families through this equine-assisted therapy training. 

  • Enhance your ability to provide mental health strategies, equine-assisted services while using the EMOTIONAL COAT® model (proven post traumatic growth curriculum)

  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Participants will gain insight of their own EMOTIONAL COAT® and how it affects those around them

  • Work Book and Reference guide provided


  • Understanding fight, flight, freeze and how it affects the brain

  • Understand the nature and definition of EMOTIONAL COAT® and its role as a continuum of care

  • Practice non-verbal, empathic, and trauma informed care techniques

  • Practice the EMOTIONAL COAT® model for individual and group sessions

  • Understand individual triggers and how to reduce risks associated with interventions

  • Practice the EMOTIONAL COAT® model for horses in each program

  • Understand and discuss the common road blocks in equine-therapy and learning

  • Understand the need for pre-trauma training and how the EMOTIONAL COAT® model can be used


Please do not register if you cannot commit to attending all three days in their entirety. 
Registration is limited to 15 individuals.


Certification - $1,500 per person

Your registration provides one veteran or first responder a scholarship to receive an introductory session with NEIGH equine therapy in your honor!  Thank you for “Serving those who have served us!”

This curriculum is provided by Dawn Samuelson.

Locations may vary. If you cannot make the trip to a current training, contacts us about booking near you. A minimum of 10 individuals is required. As a host, you will receive the certification free of charge. Contact us for more information.


Dawn Samuelson, BS, ESMHL is the Founder/Executive Director for NEIGH, Inc.  She is a Chautauqua County Mobile Crisis worker, Critical Incident Stress Management Team Captain, Board Member of the Chautauqua County Suicide Alliance, ICISF Member, PATHS member, 35-year volunteer firefighter, past certification in EAGALA and OK Corral.  Through volunteer and professional venues, she has provided crisis intervention and critical incident stress management services to survivors of critical incidents and to emergency personnel who respond to these events.


Dawn is a National Clinician showcasing her trademark program on Lifetime TV’s Military Makeover with Montel, Equine Affaire premier expos, and Country Woman Magazine. She is a proud ambassador for Straight Arrow - Mane n’ Tail products. Author of “Stewart’s EMOTIONAL COAT®, one boy’s journey from secondary PTSD to post traumatic growth through equine assisted services” What makes Dawn unique is that she is a survivor!  Her amazing life story gives inspiration and hope to all that attend.


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